Monday, November 20, 2006

Am I Wise In My Own Eyes?

I was reading some blogs today and found this on Joshua Harris' blog...and it just hit home...HARD...

I am wise in my own eyes…
1. When I don’t pause to pray for God’s guidance on a decision.
2. When I fail to depend on God’s word and approach it as a daily “lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Ps. 119:105).
3. When I assume a decision doesn’t need a second opinion, and I don't take the time to ask trusted friends for counsel.
4. When I am critical of another person’s practice or perspective without taking the time to understand it and ask questions.
5. When I am lax in fleeing temptation, assuming that I’m adult enough to “handle it.”
6. When I do something right and fail to acknowledge before God that it is only
his grace that allowed me to do it right.
7. When I pat myself on the back about knowledge I have that I learned from someone else.
8. When I don’t draw out, or seek to understand, a person who is bringing criticism( (whether or not it’s being brought constructively).
9. When I assume that the truth of a sermon is for someone else, not my own life.

10. When I neglect to consistently plead to God for his wisdom.

Isn't this just a humbling many times do I see myself wise in my own eyes...whether its b/c I assume something, or aren't listening to someone or am just too full of myself. This list really has hit me today. I pray that it will not only HIT me but truly AFFECT me so that my life is different as a result!!!


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